Security Policy

To protect the business interests of PHJones (Centrica Plc) and the personal interests of the individual, the following notification is provided:

This system is the property of PHJones and is for the use of permanent & temporary employees, agency staff, business clients, business suppliers, consultants and contractors employed within the Centrica Group.

Individual’s using this system and the associated network without authority or in excess of their authority, or for the purpose which are not in PHJones business interests, may be subject to disciplinary action and /or civil & criminal proceedings.

Use of this system and associated activities and data may be subject to monitoring and recording, auditing, inspection and disclosure to appropriately authorised persons, in accordance with Centrica Group Policy. “Use of E-mail, Internet and Systems”.

By logging on to this network you agree to the above notice and Group policy. If you require further information or clarification please consult you line manager in the first instance.